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This I Believe

I believe in something that most individuals would say is very cliche. I believe that everything happens for a reason. When I was 3 my dad made some poor decisions and went to jail, leaving my mom to struggle and make ends meet for 2 years until she met my sisters dad. My mom fell in love with my sisters dad, I finally had a father figure in my life, my family finally had a strong support system until they went through a bad breakup. My mom had to struggle to keep full custody of my sister, I had to watch her cry for hours because she didn't wanna  lose her baby girl.

Here we go again, we went back to struggling, back to living life one day at a time. We moved 10 times within a course of 3 years. There went days when I saw my mom cry, there were days when I wanted to cry. I tried comforting my mom and staying strong so my little sister wouldn't get upset. I had to go through seeing my mom work long hours and still coming home and cooking a nice meal for my sister and I. My family went through hard times for several years, we only had each other for comfort.

Years went by and my mom got a stable job as a Pre-K teacher, she got paid a decent amount and we finally moved into a house and have now been living in it for 3 years, the longest we've ever stayed in a house. Now a few years ago I always wondered why me? Why my family? Why do we have to go through the struggle everyday. Looking back at it, it has made my family stronger than ever. Today you would never be able to know that anyone in my family had to go through the struggle. I'm actually glad it happened, it made my mom stronger, it makes her work harder to make sure that we never have to go through that again. It also makes me want to succeed in life to make my mom proud and one day be able to say “mom I did this for you” and put the biggest smile on her face.

Now granted I still think about my past and what happened but I always think about the statement everything happens for a reason. If i hadn't gone through what I did, I wouldn't appreciate the little things that i have in my life now, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I believe that because everything happens for a reason we are who we are today.


  1. This is a really great reflection, and you have done an excellent job at taking a cliche and making it meaningful again. (I've often said that a cliche is only a cliche until you start believing in it.) I am also proud of you for stepping out onto these uncertain waters, trusting your classmates with this intimate information. It helps us to understand you as a whole person.

    You are comma splicing all over the place, which is a big grammatical nono. Look at this sentence:

    My mom fell in love with my sisters dad, I finally had a father figure in my life, my family finally had a strong support system until they went through a bad breakup.

    You have three independent clauses hooked together with only commas. You could make them all simple sentences, but that would be boring. Instead, use connector words to create relationships and correct the mechanics. I might make the first part subordinate, which links the parts of the sentence together more clearly.

    WHEN my mom fell in love with my sisters dad, I finally had a father figure in my life, AND my family finally had a strong support system until they went through a bad breakup.


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