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Plot Twist About Emotions..WHAATTTT?!?!

Upon to the Invisibilia Podcast: Emotions, the main focus they talked about was how emotions actually worked, they developed this concept by talking about a legal case between Tommy and Amanda. Before even encountering each other, both Amanda and Tommy were taught at a young age to control their emotions. This concept was held to be true in the accident which occured in Minnesota when a family lost control of their car on the freeway and crashed into a truck in the opposite side of the road. During this accident, one of the two children had died, the driver of the truck approached the vehicle and saw the child's body and instantly became traumatized. Months went by and this scarring image still reappeared into his mind which caused him to sue the family for emotional distress. Tommy’s traumatic distress after this accident was simply because he was convinced that the accident was his fault. After seeking professional help, he was told that emotions are apart of life and they can h…
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Personal Geography Reflection

Recently I was given the assignment to create a map that accuarately represents my life and at first I was hesitant on creating a map that include my whole life, even the bad parts but then I realized that all the negative aspects of my life make me who I am. So I created a map of my heart.. with a twist.
       I started off by drawing individual islands to form the shape of my heart and based off how much it impacted my life. The bigger and most impactful part of me is my "Family" and apart of that island I included the names of my family who mean the most to me.
    The second to biggest island that I drew was the island labeled "Abandonment". I called this island abandonment and included the names of my dad who left when I was a child and I also put past relationships and friendships. These aspects have really taken a toile on my heart and constantly remain in my heart.
   Another island that has a huge impact on me is God and I dedicated an island just for him.…

This I Believe

I believe in something that most individuals would say is very cliche. I believe that everything happens for a reason. When I was 3 my dad made some poor decisions and went to jail, leaving my mom to struggle and make ends meet for 2 years until she met my sisters dad. My mom fell in love with my sisters dad, I finally had a father figure in my life, my family finally had a strong support system until they went through a bad breakup. My mom had to struggle to keep full custody of my sister, I had to watch her cry for hours because she didn't wanna  lose her baby girl.

Here we go again, we went back to struggling, back to living life one day at a time. We moved 10 times within a course of 3 years. There went days when I saw my mom cry, there were days when I wanted to cry. I tried comforting my mom and staying strong so my little sister wouldn't get upset. I had to go through seeing my mom work long hours and still coming home and cooking a nice meal for my sister and I. My fam…


What does it mean to say we know something?

The IB Learner Profile shows that there are many ways to be able to say we know something must, these include emotion, faith, memory, language, sense perception, initiation, imagination, and finally reason. As humans we use these as guidelines to say we know something.

For example, today we believe that the sky is blue, why? Most people would answer and say " well my parents told me that as a child" See that statement shows that the reason many humans know or believe things is because their parents instilled that information into them. This is a prime example of memory, because the person remembered what their parent told them as a child and how they still remeber it to this day.

 Many people use logic as a way of knowing things, like many believe that 2+2=4 for the simple fact that it makes sense, there's no possible other way for 2+2 to equal another number. Logic is a common way to say you know something because whatever mak…

Topic: What does it mean to say that we know something?

Topic: What does it mean to say that we know something?
    There's a simple answer to that question, Generally it's means that we have taken a statement or idea to be factually true, then that statement or idea is later held up to scrutiny, and under scrutiny the idea fails.
We do not treat the failed idea as something which once was knowledge, but no longer is knowledge, we treat it as something which we had mistakenly classified as knowledge, but never was actual knowledge. knowledge is belief mixed with conviction of the truth based off our own experience or reasoning or both in some cases. So in other words when we “know” something we are (more or less) convinced that it is the true based off our senses or possibly our thought process.
For example, if you experience an event such as a heartbreak, many will say that they “know” what it's like, simply because they've been through it. It also means that you have 100% accurate understanding of what yo…